Visualization Technique – Focusing On Your Goals

This is a very simple but highly effective visualization technique that involves your full imagination and all five of your senses.

Think of what you would most like to achieve — your primary goals or desires. As you think of what you would like to achieve, picture in your mind what it would be like to have already achieved that goal. Picture yourself wherever you would be, doing whatever you would be doing as you reached that goal.

Imagine every aspect of it, physical and emotional. View every moment of it in your mind. The goal is to immerse yourself in this process as completely and totally as possible.

Runner at the Finish LineFor example, if you were a runner hoping to win the Olympic Gold Medal in the 100-yard run, you would begin by imagining yourself at the starting line before the race. You would see the other runners line up beside you. You would feel the texture of the ground beneath your feet and hands as you moved into the starting position. You would go on to imagine yourself taking off, running the race. You would visualize the feeling of the wind rushing past you as you ran.

You would feel the pounding of your heart, hear the sound of your breath, feel your feet hitting the ground with every step. You would visualize yourself crossing the finish line first. You would imagine yourself ascending the podium, you would hear the roar of the crowd cheering you on, and you would feel the weight of the Gold Medal as it was placed over your head and around your neck.

Throughout this entire sequence, you would imagine the emotional feelings that would accompany this event — the nervousness prior to the race, the rush of excitement during the run, the joy of winning the race.

The main focus should be on imagining every possible aspect to such an extent the visualization feels real. This is a technique that usually requires practice before the full details are visualized and felt to such an extent, but this technique can often result in manifestations of events and situations that help you achieve your goal.

We recommend that this technique be used in conjunction with the Insight CD or MP3 for relaxation, stress reduction, deep meditation, and many other benefits.