Using a Mandala or Image to Focus Your Mind During Meditation

mandalaThe word mandala translates to “circle”. A mandala is an image that represents, to you personally, a symbol of balance, wholeness, centeredness, and harmony. A mandala can be an excellent focusing tool for meditation.

Though we recommend keeping your eyes closed while listening to the Insight CD or MP3, you may also use a mandala for a few minutes prior to beginning your listening session in order to calm the mind and focus yourself.

Begin by finding a mandala that appeals to you. Your mandala can be any image the represents balance, wholeness, and harmony to you, but we recommend finding a mandala that incorporates visually balanced elements as well. Many beautiful mandalas may be found at the Mandala Project web site. You may also draw your own mandala on paper, in the sand, or using any other medium. The act of creating your own mandala can be a meditative experience in and of itself.

Place your mandala in a location where you will be able to see it while sitting in a comfortable position. Begin your meditation session by relaxing with a few slow deep breaths. Gaze at your mandala and allow yourself to be drawn in by it. Do not strain your eyes to look intently at it. Instead, maintain a very calm focus and be sure to keep your face and neck muscles relaxed. Continue to gaze at your mandala for several minutes prior to beginning your listening session with the Insight CD. If you desire, you may also try listening to the CD with your eyes open while gazing at the mandala.

We recommend that this technique be used in conjunction with the Insight CD or MP3 for relaxation, stress reduction, deep meditation, and many other benefits.