Light/Dark Visualization for Relaxation or Meditation

This easy visualization technique can be quite helpful and refreshing when you are having trouble sleeping, feeling overly stressed, or feeling ill or fatigued. You can use this technique indoors or outdoors.

Woman relaxing outdoors1. Get into a comfortable position. You can do this technique while lying in bed or on the floor or while reclined in a comfortable chair, wherever you are most comfortable.

2. Close your eyes.

3. As you lie there, visualize your body, wherever it is that you are at this moment. See yourself lying there on the bed or sitting in your chair.

4. Imagine your entire body is filled with darkness. Picture your body as a vessel filled with black smoke, clogged and muddy.

Try to be as detailed as possible with this visualization. In your mind, take a good look at your body and really see the darkness fill up your entire body. See it filling up your head and neck, your core, your limbs, down to your toes and out to the tips of your fingers. Everything is dark and murky.

5. Bring your awareness to your breath. Inhale deeply through your nose in the slowest, calmest manner possible. As you inhale, imagine you are inhaling perfectly clean, pure, white light. Inhale and visualize the white light as it begins to fill your body.

Again, be as detailed as possible during the process of visualization, and take your time. Your first breath — depending on how long or slow it is — might be enough to bring that white light to just a portion of your head, maybe even to just one of your ears. This is perfectly okay. You’ll get much better results if you take it slowly and don’t rush through the technique.

6. As you exhale in the same calm and relaxed way, imagine the dark smoke within your body being released — forced out — through the long, slow breath. Visualize the smoke leaving every finger, traveling up your arm, through your neck and out of your mouth with your exhalation.

7. Continue inhaling the clean white light and exhaling the dark black smoke that was filling your body, until every bit of your body is beaming with the white light and there is no longer any darkness remaining.

The more vividly you can imagine this happening, the more profound an effect it will have on your sense of well-being and your peaceful state of mind.

If you focus on breathing steadily with long, slow inhalations and even longer, slower exhalations, there is a good chance you will fall asleep before you’ve finished the visualization. As your breathing slows, your heart rate slows along with it. It is perfectly natural, and you will likely have a very restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep because of it.